Mrs. D. had always dreamed of traveling the world. She also loved to cook.  After being out of work for two-years, her dreams were almost lost.  One day she came to Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. (CRR) and told an employment specialist her aspiration to work on a ship and cook for the crew. 

Within a couple of days, Mrs. D. was introduced to a human resources professional from Sodexho, a food services and facilities management, multinational corporation based in Paris, France.  Soon after, with transportation assistance and new steel-toed boots provided by Career and Recovery Resources, Mrs. D.  prepared to begin her new dream job.  Ten days later, she was on an offshore rig cooking meals for people who worked hard and loved to eat.

Her son heard of the efforts from CRR employment specialists and he in turn registered with our agency for assistance.  He was encouraged to go to school to get a welder’s license.  While attending school, CRR  arranged for him to get part-time work.  As soon as he completed school, he was hired as an underwater welder for Coastal Towing Company at $110 an hour, joining his mother on the same rig.   How great is that!  After two years, he opened his own company where he arranges for other welders to get contract assignments and jobs. With assistance from CRR. Two members in one family – two dreams fulfilled!

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