Testimony given with permission from CRR’s client, Catherine W.

As the case manager for Mrs. Catherine W. we wanted to share her journey to stability with others.

Ms. Catherine W. was single female with no children who found shelter at the Mission of Yahweh emergency shelter on 2/9/16 due to being homeless. I met with Catherine W.  on 4/5/16 to assess and enrolled her into CRR’s program.  Catherine W.  met with me for follow up visit at Workforce Solutions Westheimer campus on 4/11/16 to begin working on a strategic employment plan and I also referred her to our clothing partner, Dress for Success.  Although Catherine W.  had prior work history/experience, she appeared to have a lack of self confidence directly as a result of her homeless status. Despite her homeless status, through motivational encouragement, pointing out her potential,  and challenging her to succeed at a specific goal, I was able to help Catherine W. see all of the potential that she inherently had.

Her passion was working in the area of Security. Her previous work experience was as a security guard however, she was non-commissioned and stated she wanted to become commissioned. We discussed the option of taking the necessary training to become certified. Because Catherine W.  is living in a shelter environment, which prohibits carrying a firearm on premise, she stated that she would prefer to seek non-commissioned employment. I provided Catherine W. with multiple security guard job leads and encouraged her to apply and follow up with me weekly.  My goal was to act as an accountability partner and she began meeting with me weekly to perform  job search activities.  After two weeks, I could see a change in her attitude and self esteem. She appeared to be motivated and had increased self-confidence which was something that made me proud to see.

On 5/12/16, Catherine W.  had an interview scheduled with Allied Barton Security and on 5/23/16; she  was offered a position and began the required two day training. The job required uniforms and work boots and I assisted her with Wal-Mart gift cards to purchase the items she needed.  Catherine’s new regular job position is at Harris County Flood building.  Her hourly wage at the time of hire was $9 per hour. Client was placed on 90 day probation. She has sense met her 30, 60 and 90 day job retention and has received the program incentives.  Today, Catherine W.  is still employed and stably housed at the Mission of Yahweh transitional housing facility.  She will be allowed to stay there for two years allowing her time to continue to save money for when she gets a place of her own.  She has also opened up a savings account which she states has enough in it for a down payment on a car (future goal for her) and is up for wage increase evaluation on her job.

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