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Cedric K.

Cedric K. is a 45 year old, divorced African-American male who currently resides in a half way house in central Houston. Cedric is from a military family and was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He moved to the United States with his family when he was an infant and grew up with his grandparents. When Cedric was 9 years old he began to smoke marijuana and before long it became “my best friend”. For 36 years, Cedric smoked marijuana on a daily basis making poor decisions about his education, family, relationships, and employment until he was arrested for possession in July 2015. One of Cedric’s probation conditions was to participate and successfully complete Outpatient Drug and Alcohol treatment at Career and Recovery Resources Alternative Program. Cedric participated in group and individual counseling for 6 months and was able to halt his marijuana use while developing healthy coping skills and relationships with counselors and peers in recovery. Cedric has reconnected with his brother whom he has been estranged with for many years and his brother came to support Cedric when he made a brief public presentation on behalf of CRR this past summer.

Cedric credits the program and his counselor with giving him his life back. Cedric completed a certified training program and is now a Recovery Coach and has been employed for the last six months at the Sobering Center in Downtown Houston, helping others to find their path to recovery. He is finally experiencing what it means to be happy.

Barbara W.

Barbara W. is a 51 year old Caucasian female who entered outpatient treatment through a unique collaboration with the Harris County Drug Court that provides a one year continuum of treatment (residential through Aftercare) for clients with severe drug problems and extensive criminal justice involvement. Barbara’s parents both had problems with alcohol, so it was no surprise that she began drinking alcohol at 17 years old. She slowly began to experiment with other drugs but managed to exert some control over her use until she was 37 years old and suffered a terrible car wreck that took the lives of her mother, father, husband and two infant children. She also, was severely injured and disfigured in accident. At this point and for the next 12 years, Barbara’s use of cocaine and other drugs deepened and her normal life unraveled resulting in an extensive history of treatment failures and over eight arrests for offenses ranging from possession to prostitution.

Barbara volunteered for the drug court initiative to avoid a lengthy incarceration and through the drug treatment group and individual counseling she received at CRR she has regained her sobriety and worked through her losses and grief. She has obtained employment and her own apartment and has reconnected with family members and five children she had long since lost contact with. Her recovery is a true miracle and she has become a changed woman.


Michael A.

Michael lost his job months ago and has been behind on his rental payments since October 2019. Through the help of the SSVF program and other agencies, Michael is now working full time at a car dealership and is regaining stability. As of June 12, 2020, Michael will be current on all expenses and will be able to maintain himself fully. 


Michael R.

Michael came into CRR in November 2019 under the RRH program and had zero income coming in. Michael and his wife could not afford their rent and relied solely off of SNAP benefits. Michael attended the Amazon job fair hosted at CRR and was hired. He is now making $17/hr and can maintain his rent. 


David J.

David is a Veteran who had been out of work due to having trachea surgery. He did not receive much income to pay rent and other monthly expenses. After working with our employment specialist on his resume and interview prep, David was able to successfully land a job and is now able to maintain financial stability. 


Dashia’s children were taken away from her and recently she has lost her job due to COVID-19. She has gone into rehab to show evidence of her regaining stability through sober living. Because the client is trying everything to regain custody of her two children, SSVF is willing to assist the client with enrolling into the LVN program at HCC starting in Spring 2021. She will also enter forklift training in hopes to work part-time while attending school. 

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