The Senior Employment Services Program is for job seekers age 55 and older. Our priority is to provide seniors with an opportunity to increase or maintain their quality of life toward financial stability and encourage a sense of  feeling secure during this exciting stage of their lives.

Have you ever wondered  if  there  is an age after which employers don’t want full-time workers? An AARP study found that 60 percent of respondents age 45 to 74 believe age discrimination exists, and 13 percent reported experiencing or witnessing age discrimination in the past five years.

Another study examining hundreds of job applications found that those purportedly sent by “younger” people were 40 percent more likely to result in an interview request than those sent by “older” ones. Furthermore, job seekers 55 and older have an especially difficult time finding work.

CRR believes in investing in experience:
“Someone 50 is not an ‘older’ worker,” says Deborah Russell, AARP’s director of workforce issues. “He or she will work at least 15 more years. That’s a significant investment for a company.”

“Looking at a 70-year-old, that person could sit behind a computer for 20 more years,” Russell adds. “A job like a nurse or a mechanic might have diminishing returns because of the physical demands, but for airline pilots, police and other jobs where there have always been mandatory retirement rules, we need to take a closer look at those ages. Should someone 70 fly a plane? If they can pass the stringent physical and mental tests, why not?”

One Solution: Don’t Leave
What can older workers do to fight stereotypes and biases? “If you want to work in retirement, don’t retire,” advises Russell. “It’s easier to keep your job than get a new one. If you do leave your job, try to find a new one before you go. Technology does change. Be sure you’re up on the latest technology, both in your area of specialization and in the workplace itself. And recognize that the interview process is different than it was 40 years ago. The questions have changed, and you’re likely to be talking with someone much younger than you.”

CRR Offers

  • Computer Literacy Training: introduction to Windows and operation of popular computer software.
  • Job Search Training: knowledge and techniques on how to locate jobs, communicate with employers, and follow-up.
  • Job Placement Assistance: appropriate job leads and guidance by a professional employment specialist.
  • Benefits Checkup: help in finding programs that may pay for essential items and services.
  • Healthcare Services: assistance with physicals and assistive devices.
  • Referral to subsidized training programs.

If you would like to learn more about our Senior Employment Services Program, please contact us at (713) 754-7050.  Email Us:

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