Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. provides a holistic, One-Stop Resource Center approach to employment services.  This is done by preparing participants for work and success through addressing basic needs,  barriers to psychosocial work, childcare, referrals to mental health and healthcare providers, and transportation assistance.

Program Background:  Since 1945,  CRR’s number one priority is to help clients gain employment in an effort to stabilize their lives.  We help individuals prepare for entry into the job market, identify employment opportunities, and learn job retention techniques. Career Counseling services offer educational and vocational guidance. 

Throughout the Employment Services program, participants are provided workshops for job readiness training and to resolve and manage personal issues  and  life skills. CRR serves the Greater Houston and surrounding counties. Including, but not limited to, Harris, Ft. Bend, Waller, Brazos, Galveston, Liberty, and Montgomery counties.

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving their professional career potential by researching occupational choices, sharpening job search skills, and helping clients understand and overcome the barriers that may keep them from reaching their career and financial goals.

Last year CRR served more than 13,000 individuals through our four core program areas.  CRR’s employment services support include:

  • Job readiness workshops,
  • Career counseling,
  • Computer training,
  • Case management,
  • METRO cards,
  • Work attire,
  • Work tools,
  • TWIC cards,
  • Vocational/Trade training referrals,
  • Free assistance for certifications leading to employment,
  • GED exam preparation, and
  • Scholarship Assistance.

Providing these support services are accomplished through long-term partnerships with more than 135 community organizations, churches, nonprofits, and employers. 

Many of our clients are economically disadvantaged and need intensive employment services with case management to overcome these obstacles. However, we also assist professionals who are highly skilled or possess college degrees, but need guidance to enter their chosen fields, change careers, or transfer skills to another source of employment due to layoffs. 



Click on the links below to search for jobs on the sites of major Houston employers:

HERE ARE A FEW GOOGLE SEARCHES WE’VE FOUND.  CRR does not endorse these companies, we are simply providing additional options for your local job search.

  1. Jobs In Houston
  2. All Jobs Hiring Near Me
  3. Amazon Jobs

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