“If you thought you’d never do something big with your life because of your upbringing, your circumstances, or your imperfections, you are SO WRONG.”

Dani Johnson worked as a cocktail waitress in Hawaii during December 1990 and spent her nights in a car with just 2 dollars and 3 cents and $ 35,000 in debt. She has faced brutal physical, emotional, and sexual abuse as a child and tried attempting suicide many times. Everything she owned was on the backseat of her car. Her only dream those days was to be able to afford an accommodation in Hawaii which could cost her around $4,500 per month.

One day, she found a weight loss program in the backseat of her car which she had purchased long before she was homeless, and it became the solution for all her problems. She called the manufacturer and enquired about the cost of that commodity in Hawaii. Within a few days, she handwrote a flyer for the weight loss program and placed it on the Post Office. Within three hours of putting out the flyer, she received 25 messages from the prospective clients. Within a month, she ended up with 40 checks, totaling $4000 dollars and made a quarter of a million dollar in the first year by selling a weight loss program by a manufacturer. By the second year, she had 18 weight loss centers all around the country.

Dani Johnson has become a multi-millionaire many times over. She has been interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, and Fox & Friends and was the season premier star of ABC’s Secret Millionaires.

She is a beacon of hope for millions of people striving hard to unfold their dreams. She is currently rallying support to establish 100 homes, offer entrepreneurial advice for extremely poor, ensure safe drinking water and construct orphanages and safe shelters for children rescued from the sex trade.

As a gifted speaker, trainer, an author, and a spirit-driven success coach, she has been changing lives of people for over 20 years now.

Dani said in one of her interviews, “I started my new business from the back of my car.  I had nothing – no phone, no business cards, brochures, no receipts, not even any product.  All I had was a burning desire to succeed, and I didn’t want to be homeless anymore.”

Here are 10 inspiring quotes from Dani Johnson:

  1. Never stop being teachable. If you think you know everything, you will never learn
  2. While most people are shrinking their dreams constantly to fit within their income circle, 2% of the population are finding ways to increase their income to fit their dreams’ circle.
  3. Money is seed and seed is designed to reproduce itself and if you are eating all your seed, you have nothing to be reproduced.
  4. The wealthy know where every penny goes.
  5. Work harder on you than everyone else and you will become unusually successful.
  6. Too many people in our society have settled for mediocrity. For one reason or another, their lives have been put on cruise control, and with each passing day, their feelings of emptiness grow.
  7. It is never our circumstances that defeat us; it is how we choose to deal with the circumstances that determines the outcome of our lives.
  8. To dare to dream amid adversity, amid failure, amid complacency, is to have hope. That hope, that dream, is a gift from God. It is His way of telling you that He has a plan for your life if you will listen and give Him a chance to bring it to pass.
  9. No matter what you do or what industry you are in, decide to master the basics. I promise it will pay off! Do not get bored in the basics. Do not settle for “good enough”. It is time to truly master the basics!
  10. Success is never convenient. In fact, neither is failure, so no matter what you are going to be inconvenienced.

Dani turned her life around in just 2 years and now helps hundreds and thousands of people globally to become successful in all areas of life. If you think nothing good can come out of your life, think again.


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