Alternatives to Drugs and Alcohol Treatment

Substance use disorders impose a devastating health and emotional burden on individuals, families, communities and our Nation.   This causes injury, illness, death and endangers public safety as well as contributes to many major social problems. People who suffer from this illness typically cannot see the signs of addiction or break free of its destructive progression without experienced guidance. Although substance use disorders are complex, CRR believes that they can be treated successfully.

Despite years of concerted national, state and local efforts, drug and alcohol abuse issues continue to be among the most difficult personal, familial and social problems our culture faces. It is estimated that over 50 percent of the 9,000 individuals in the Harris County jail system (the nation’s third-largest) have drug and alcohol problems, as do a similar percentage of the 146,000 current inmates in Texas prisons. The reasons for this situation are varied, complex and inter-related, but one of the core solutions is effective, evidenced-based treatment. The average cost to keep a person in jail/prison is estimated at $25,000 per year. The cost of a typical 90-day, outpatient treatment episode in CRR’S Alternative Program is $1,300.  Most of our services are free to our clients.

Program Background: CRR’s Alternative-to-Incarceration Program, now called the Alternative Substance Abuse Treatment Program,  began in 1975.  We now have over 40 years of continuous experience providing adult drug and alcohol treatment and supportive services for people attempting to recover from substance use disorders. 

Our program offers effective, gender-specific group and individual counseling services provided by licensed, experienced counselors. In addition to drug and alcohol problems, many of our clients who receive treatment at CRR  experience employment problems.  The Alternative program offers educational and medical referrals  and we addresses these concerns through specialized curricula, free on-site support group activities and strong referral relationships with social and medical service providers in the Greater Houston Metro Area.

Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. also works closely with the Harris County STAR program.  

The Success Through Addiction Recovery (STAR) program bridges the gap between criminal justice and therapeutic approaches to defendants with drug dependencies. STAR treats non-violent, repeat drug offenders to reduce the costs of continuing drug abuse and possible future crimes.

Defendants receive innovative and intensive individualized supervision by the court team and treatment providers. The client, case manager and treatment provider may implement rehabilitative treatment facilities, social services, health care providers, and other programs when creating and updating an individual treatment plan. STAR employs a graduated system of incentives and sanctions to reward and re-direct client behavior. The program encourages participants to attain education and employment goals by offering seminars, GED tutoring, and employment specialists. Each client’s goals are discussed and monitored to ensure success in both completing the program and conquering the addiction. 

STAR consists of a three-phase intensive, highly structured treatment program, followed by a 12-month aftercare program. During all phases, participants attend 12-step programs or an approved alternative, participate in group and individual treatment and counseling programs, submit to frequent random drug testing, and appear frequently before their judge. 

Since 1964, CRR’s Alternative Substance Abuse Treatment Program has helped people recognize and recover from addiction through assessment, counseling and aftercare. Treatment services are available to adults on an outpatient basis that enables them to maintain normal activities, such as work and school, during the treatment process.

Our counseling is conducted in a supportive, gender-specific environment and clients receive direction on ways to achieve a positive, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle. All clients receive a combination of group and individual counseling, and are also held accountable for their behavior through the use of urinalysis and strong case management.

We offer Outpatient Adult Drug and Alcohol Treatment Serves in several locations throughout Houston.

  • Main Office: 2525 San Jacinto, Houston, TX 77002
  • Brookshire/Waller County: 531 FM 359 South, Brookshire, TX 77423, 832-563-6756
  • Hempstead/Waller County: 925 5th Street, Hempstead, TX 77445,   832-563-6756

The Alternative Program helps people begin charting the pathway to the road to recovery and help our clients learn how to lead productive lives without drugs and alcohol.

Evidence Based Interventions:

CRR’s Alternative Program provides trauma informed care and gender specific groups and individual counseling utilizing several different nationally recognized targeted treatment strategies and best practices to help clients achieve and maintain recovery from their drug and alcohol use.  

One example is the Living in Balance (LIB), a cognitive behavioral therapy which is recognized by the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices.

Special Areas of Focus for Treatment:

CRR receives special funding from the Department of State Health Services for specialized female treatment.  Women have unique needs in treatment that are addressed through the addition of coping skills, parenting education, planning for financial independence, personal safety and health, and pregnancy issues in recovery.  Spanish speaking groups and opportunities for family involvement are also offered and encouraged for all clients.


We Offer

Our Alternative Program expertise, achievements, and services:

  • We exceed the state averages for clients achieving abstinence, successful treatment completion and client post-treatment sobriety maintenance at follow-up.
  • We provide four types of evidenced-based interventions to help clients address specific recovery problem areas unique to their needs.
  • We offers free ongoing peer and recovery support groups.
  • We utilize four community-based, easily accessible treatment locations and provide both evening and Saturday hours for counseling services.
  • We are sensitive to and provide male- and female-specific counseling service settings that insure a safe and effective treatment environment for both genders.

To enhance the transition into employment, we provide GED classes, a tutorial computer lab, and specialized job placement assistance.

For questions about Substance Abuse and Alcohol Disorder Treatment Services or to schedule an Intake Appointment call our Intake Coordinator at 713-754-7010, or 713-754-7000.

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