Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. empowers job seekers, who often have the greatest barriers to employment, through preparation for, attainment, and sustainment of employment.  Out participants are provided a hand up rather than a hand out - building on their strengths and helping to reduce or eliminate any barrier to employment.  Case Managers provide intensive support services and work with participants to develop customized employment and housing stability plans. 

Our goal is to assist clients in achieving their professional career potential by researching occupational choices, sharpening job search skills, and helping clients understand and overcome the barriers that may keep them from reaching their goal.


We offer Job Readiness Training which consist of:

Career Assessment, orientation, how to fill out a job application, resume writing, interviewing skills, marketing skills training, along with financial planning.

Personalized Job Search Campaign (by appointment)

Job Search Skills Training: workshops to provide knowledge and techniques that improve an individual's self-esteem, job chances, and motivate their job search.

Job Placement Assistance: appropriate job leads and guidance by a professional employment specialist.

Resume Preparation: techniques and tips on writing an effective resume.

Computer Literacy Training: introduction to Windows and operation of popular computer software.

Resource Center: tools and materials necessary for a successful job search. The Center offers information for more than 500 occupational areas, professional journals, reports on current job trends, directories and a complete line of audiovisual equipment.

Job Bank: up-to-date employment listings and local companies, universities and government agencies. 

Clients are provided access to computers, copiers, fax machines and phones.