Our specialized program include but are not limited to persons who are unskilled, disabled, homeless, deaf or hard of hearing impaired, ex-offenders, older workers, persons challenged by a disability or chronic illness, and individuals recovering from substance use disorder.  Many of our clients are economically disadvantages and need intensive employment services with case management to overcome these obstacles.  We also assist professionals who are highly skilled or possess college degrees, but need guidance to enter their chosen fields, change careers, or transfer skills to another source of employment.  

From 2012-2015, CRR  placed 4,908 clients with multiple barriers in jobs.  Over 50% of those placed had two or more barriers and 20% had three or more barriers; 75% entered into our programs earning between $0 and $5,000 per year with 2% earning $25,000 per year or more; 60% had a high school diploma, 35% had not completed high school and 5% had a college degree or higher. 

Because of your support we were able to help those in need of a hand up!