Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Program


We provide Hurricane Harvey Relief Support to individuals and families who live in the boundaries of Harris County, Ft. Bend County, or Montgomery County.

Client must present with disaster-related needs and be assigned a disaster case manager. Client must set an appointment to complete a registration form.  Call 713-754-7054 to set an appointment. The client will need the following information to complete the registration:  Picture ID and/or social security number.   Financial Information such as family's gross total household income at the time of the disaster, and contact information which includes the address and phone number where the damages occurred.

Our goals:  To provide immediate and long-term relief efforts to aid victims effected by Hurricane Harvey. We assist through disaster case management, finding and maintaining jobs, shelter, temporary housing and utility assistance, emergency financial assistance, work related supplies such as work tools, clothes, hygiene items, transportation, other social service needs, and access to resources for their unmet needs. We also have an outpatient substance/alcohol abuse treatment program that would be beneficial to some of the victims.

We provide:  

Disaster Case Management (case management targeted and specific to assessing individual/family needs resulting from the Hurricane Harvey Disaster event, helping to develop a recovery plan and providing access to resources for your unmet needs) Financial Assistance for temporary rent/mortgage and utility support.

Emergency Disaster Financial Assistance to persons impacted by the disaster event and assistance to vulnerable populations (elderly, individuals with disabilities, non-FEMA qualified individuals,  LGBTQ, and undocumented individuals).  We will provide help with getting a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, also known as a TWIC card, help with utilizing mainstream benefits, and help in replacing lost or damaged documents. Other services include tools required for work, work clothing, and educational assistance. We also provide behavioral support groups and individual counseling for drug abuse users through our outpatient treatment program, if needed.

Financial Housing Assistance: Temporary rental assistance to secure temporary housing while repairs are being made to the pre-disaster residence or while transitioning to permanent housing. Rental assistance may be used to rent a house, apartment, manufactured home, recreational vehicle, or other readily fabricated dwelling. Lodging Expense temporary reimbursement for hotels, motels, or other short-term lodging while an applicant is displaced from their primary residence.

Emergency Temporary Financial Assistance will be provided for other types of disaster-caused expenses such as: Other transportation-related costs, a one-time payment, covering up to four cumulative weeks of child care expenses, for a household’s financial burden to care for children aged 13 and under; and/or children 14 to 18 with a disability as defined by federal law. We can provide gift cards for restaurants, grocery stores, big box stores such as Walmart, Lowe's or Home Depot, and automobile gasoline or from various service stations or bus cards/tokens. Costs for deposits and utility expenses will be made available as well. 

Effective, Monday November 20, 2017. Call 713-754-7054.  If our Intake Specialists are with a client, please leave a voice mail with your name and contact information and someone will return your call within 24 hours. 


No Walk-ins Please!!

The mission of Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. (CRR) is to help people identify and overcome barriers to employment. We provide emergency assistance, disaster relief, workforce development, career counseling, case management, and job readiness and placement services to the multi-faceted, and in many cases indigent, populations that we serve. In addition we offer a variety of employment related support services such as enrichment classes including GED exam preparation and American Sign Language for persons who are deaf or hearing-impaired.